Marianne Rosen

The Doors of Riverdell

Isabelle Threlfall has always called Riverdell House home, but home has its complications. There’s her Aunt Elsa angling for commitment, cousin Hester to avoid, and the failure of her long-term relationship to face. Working away seems the best solution but when Elsa’s eldest son dies and her estranged grandchildren, Moth and Nat, arrive at Riverdell, Isabelle is called home to help.

Kit de Lavelle has waited fifteen years for Isabelle to ditch her childhood sweetheart and adore him instead, but he’s about to discover that closing the doors to his own past is harder than expected. As Moth and Isabelle form a close bond trading family secrets and avoiding their own, Elsa finds courage in her memories to face the truth she has hidden from them all. But as the future is decided will Moth and Isabelle still be able to call Riverdell their home?


The Halls of Riverdell

Return to Riverdell for the next thrilling instalment…

Isabelle Threlfall is discovering that responsibility is only the start of her problems. Riverdell is in chaos, Asha and James need her help and Moth has slipped away in the midst. Sorting out the house and estate seem her only option but the empty rooms remind her that Moth is still missing.

Kit’s life has become a micro-managing extreme sport with Isabelle at the end of every list, but every tick closer takes him nearer to choices he’s not ready to face.

As Isabelle and Moth try to prove themselves capable, Beth is denying the painful reality of her married life in her letters home from India. But when the past catches up, will Moth and Isabelle run from reality or face up to it?

Walk the echoing halls of Riverdell as the family navigate the rapids of change.

The Lights of Riverdell

Isabelle Threlfall is juggling work, family and vast inherited home but it’s a fragile balance that depends on some finely kept secrets. It’s 2016 and the perfect craftsman is making inroads into her personal space, Moth is courting danger in Turkey, Asha is determined to uncover the truth and Kit wants to bring the fractured family together for Christmas. Reading the diaries of her ancestors shines a light on the past but makes Isabelle fear she will lose herself in the keeping of Riverdell.

Kit has avoided his mother’s diaries and gnawing disappointment with a relentless schedule and a gorgeous new boyfriend, but now there’s his broken-hearted friend to piece back together and a few wounds of his own to avoid as they hang out the fairy lights.

As Isabelle and Moth wonder if they can solve each other’s problems, Rose is writing out the bitter depths of her hidden longings in the search to find herself. But with Christmas looming, will Moth and Isabelle find the courage to choose the future they really want?

The Children of Riverdell

Isabelle Threlfall has made a life she can be proud of, but one phone call threatens it all. It’s early 2020 and the house has suffered in the winter storms, Kit has disappeared to India in search of his mother’s fate and Moth is finally ready to come home. A wild goose chase is the last thing she needs and there’s a simmering romance to avoid on the journey but Isabelle might be the only one who can find Kit.

Kit has managed to ignore his mother’s final parcel for years, despite his therapist’s belief that it is the source of all his intimate problems. When his perfect life unravels, Kit’s journey to seek out the truth sets off a chain reaction that will touch every member of the family.

As Isabelle and Moth face up to the choices that love demands, Kate is making peace with the past one difficult conversation at a time as the flooding river creeps ever closer. But when the journey ends, will Moth and Isabelle be able to save what they love?


“Marianne has brought to life a sprawling, gorgeous home, rich with history and lives lived.” – Goodreads


“The interaction between each of the characters is unlike any that I have ever experienced. It feels so real, raw and revealing” – Natalie Mcmath, founder The Scottish Book Club – Goodreads


“Marianne Rosen’s descriptive writing is up there with the best I’ve ever read & that is no exaggeration.” – Goodreads


“Marianne Rosen’s first novel is absolutely captivating. Carried into a world that is both engaging and complex, the reader is carried along through a family saga with characters who they will sometimes barrack for and sometimes against. Fluent and confident, Rosen is an exciting new talent – this may be your first time reading her, it won’t be your last.” – Peter Salmon


“… reminiscent of Mary Wesley’s The Chamomile Lawn in style and tone.” – Simon Whaley